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It is imperative to remember that until you start being properly socialized again, being around other people while you or they are trying to do work is a really bad idea, since you prevent both yourself and the other people from getting work done. (It's not an active desire to prevent, or even an active attempt to do so. It's just that being around people is so novel that "quiet time" doesn't really happen.)

Now I have a ten-page paper to write. If you'll excuse me...

EDIT: How do you write to the editors of the AP Stylebook and tell them they've used a word wrong?

initials Use periods and no space when an individual uses initials instead of a first name: H.L. Mencken.

This format has been adopted to assure that in typesetting the initials are set on the same line.

Bold in the second paragraph is mine, and highlights the incorrect word. Perhaps they should add "assure" to their "ensure/insure" entry.

Also, dear everybody: the singular of "series" is "series", not "serie". Just so you know.


Dec. 5th, 2005 12:46 am
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I just found a great resource for students of art-based classes. It is called ARTstor. It is like JSTOR, only for art instead of journal articles.

This is a great resource. (If only it didn't use Java to do its work!) I could have used this when writing my Words & Works paper.

I also just found out that I have to be connected through an Earlham connection to use it. No matter that I have a login and password generated while I was on an Earlham connection. No matter that I am an Earlham student. I need to have an Earlham IP address to use the site.


I'll see you all tomorrow, when I don't have a five- to ten-page paper due in seven and a half hours.
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Dear Lazyweb,

Yesterday I upgraded to Firefox 1.5 for the Mac. I am seriously regretting having done so.

I'm sure that there are a lot of fancy features that I'm not using at all (because, well, I don't really do any hardcore web browsing). It's nice to have Bookmark All Tabs as an actual menu option. I do like the ability to tab-select a browser tab and then navigate through the tabs with the arrow keys.


Firefox 1.5 breaks the two browser features that I used most often in 1.0.7: Ctrl-Tab to switch browser tabs, and automatically selecting the full current URL when the address bar receives a left-click. Instead, Ctrl-Tab moves between the document and the address bar (and does not address the browser tabs at all, which is strange given that unmodified Tab does), and clicking in the address bar puts the cursor at the click point instead of selecting the URL. (Strangely, I've discovered that both of these actions produce the results that I expect and desire in Windows Firefox 1.5.

As far as I am concerned, this is a broken browser. I don't care if that's how Safari does it. I don't like Safari for exactly these reasons.

Is there any way for me to fix this - a preference I haven't found, an extension I'm not seeing, what have you - or do I have to uninstall 1.5 and reinstall 1.0.7 to get Firefox to work the way I want it to?

EDIT: Okay, after some prowling, I've figured out how to move between tabs; they've changed it from Ctrl-Tab to Cmd-Option-Right/Left Arrow. Also, Ctrl-Tab - when I'm focused on the document - does select the entire URL in the address bar, so that I can type over rather than typing into.

But, seriously, guys. This is a major change in the way the user interacts with the browser. You could at least mention it in the damn release notes.

EDIT 2: On occasion, open source software is useful. In this case, having followed instructions from another irritated Firefox-Mac user, I've successfully re-enabled Ctrl-Tab tab switching. For those of you playing the home game, here are the instructions:

1) Quit Firefox
2) Go to Macintosh HD:Applications:Firefox.app, right-click, and choose Show Package Contents
3) Go to :Contents:MacOS:chrome
4) Duplicate toolkit.jar (so you have a backup)
5) Rename toolkit.jar to toolkit.zip
6) Right-click toolkit.zip and unpack it (which will create a folder called content)
7) Go to :content:global:bindings
8) Open tabbrowser.xml
9) Replace
this.mTabBox.handleCtrlTab = !/Mac/.test(navigator.platform);
this.mTabBox.handleCtrlTab = true;
10) Go back out to :chrome
11) Right-click :content and create an archive
12) Rename it to toolkit.jar
13) You can now use ctrl+tab again
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This was spawned from an abortive comment on [livejournal.com profile] demiurgent's last post. I figured that, like so much of what I've had to say recently, it would just be boring to the people reading Eric's journal who have no idea who I am and who really don't give a flying fuck at a rolling donut about my hangups, so I'm posting it here, where all of you can not give the same flying fuck but at least I'm only polluting my own journal with it.

So here's the thing: I don't actually like leaving comments.

It's not because I don't like responding to things, because I do. It's because I don't ever feel that I'm doing it adequately enough. It's the negative side of NADD and Repetitive Information Injury: I feel like I'm missing something, like in all of the information flow I've forgotten some detail, like nothing I could say would ever be up to the task.

This is backed up by the fact that, like most humans, I have a tendency to remember the negative more strongly than the positive. And so when I leave a comment and it doesn't get a response from anyone in the community, I remember it, especially when everyone else is getting responses - because my response wasn't good enough to be noticed. (I feel this way more often in weblogs and over email than on LiveJournal, because I'm rarely responding to a community in LJ, and it's somehow easier to take that one person is too busy to respond than that everybody is.) And when I leave a comment and it gets a negative response, it flat-out hurts, because I did my best and I'll be damned if it wasn't good enough. I remember negative responses to comments I left... God, nearly ten years ago.

The key point here is that when I'm thinking about leaving a comment, two things happen:

  • I feel inadequate to the task, and

  • I remember all of the times I was inadequate for the task before and was punished for it.

And so, by and large, I don't leave comments. Even when I think I have something important to say. Even when it's going to haunt me for the rest of the day if I don't.

It's not that I don't have anything to say about what you're writing. It's that I'm scared to say it.
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10:25 PM: I think to myself, "I should get to bed soon."

10:30 PM: I start preparing to go to bed.

10:33 PM: My supervisor sends me an email: "There's a problem with the website that needs to be fixed now."

1:00 AM: I finish working out the problem with the website.

The problem, if you're curious: Access is a pansy-ass application that can't handle my webpage asking for more than 255 fields in one query. Either that or it's Microsoft ODBC. I don't run the back-end on this server, so I can't tell.

The solution: break the 255+-field query up into chunks.

The hard part: I have to assign a different name to each query, so everything that was cheerfully looking for getData now has to look for getData or getData2 or getData3 or getData4, depending on what chunk of fields they're looking for. And since this is dynamic - I don't know before the page loads how many fields the user is going to want (it's dependent on date - the later the date, the more fields get pulled, which is why this is only coming up now, three months after I wrote the page in the first place) that means that sometimes things are only going to be looking for getData, and sometimes things are going to be looking for all four queries, and sometimes it's in between.

So, yeah.

I think maybe I'll try and get some sleep, and ignore that my alarm is set for 6:30. I really wish I weren't such a presentee; I could get away with missing classes tomorrow if I absolutely had to, but I would feel awful about it for the rest of the week, so it's probably not worth it.
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...I'm a little glad that my internal self-censoring mechanism is a little hyperactive.


Oct. 5th, 2005 04:59 pm
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or, Holy Crap, That's What I Look Like From The Side?

So here's the trouble with goals: I don't know how to set and keep them. I'm not very good with setting internal consequences for not meeting goals. (You may read that as "I don't have very much willpower", if you like.) So I have a problem with getting things done, as long as there are no consequences imposed by external forces.

How is this done? How do you find a good balance between "unmotivating" and "unrealistic"? How do you motivate yourself to do something if the only pressure to do it is yourself?
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When I get pissed off to the point of quoting James Madison at a stupid, thoughtless comment on someone else's weblog, ... well, no, that's pretty much bog-standard irritable for me, isn't it?

But I am irritable.

I went to my classes today. History was better than I thought (I apparently have scraped out a grade on Thursday's exam that was two full letter grades higher than I expected it to be), and Reading Latin was... not as bad as I thought it was going to be, and got me laughing by the end of class. (What happened immediately after the end of class, not so much, but.)

Now I'm home, and taking an hour to unwind before I start really working in earnest. I promised myself that I wasn't going to leave any papers until the night before, this semester, and I've broken that promise; but maybe, if I try really hard, I can get some sleep tonight. At least Tuesday isn't my longest day, and at least my longest day is shorter by two hours than the work days I'm used to.

(Someone, I know, is going to remember my schedule, and say, "well, you only have to push until tomorrow, right? Don't you get Wednesday off?" To which the answer is: no. I have to push until Friday, because my supervisor is assigning me 40 hours of work even though I'm not working 40 hours a week anymore. And I've been pushing it back in favor of schoolwork, and pushing schoolwork back in favor of nothing, so now I have 40 hours of work to be completed this morning. And, now that I think about it, I have a paper due on the 12th, so I'm probably going to have to push until next Thursday, when special thanks to the Hopkins Payroll system I can't [REDACTED] so I get to sit around feeling guilty about that (and [REDACTED], you know who you are, you know I'll do it anyway, so please don't tell me not to) instead of enjoying my break.)

Sorry. I'll be quiet now.
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Thing 1: my $165 phone bill.
Thing 2: the fantastic new hard drive is serial ATA (SATA-1), not ATA, and so I can't use it.

Where's Thing 3?


Sep. 18th, 2005 08:54 am
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I just thought of something about a phone call I received/made last night. See, I've been getting phone calls from Kay's Jewelers looking for a Cassie Anthony. This isn't too far off my name, but I've never in my life bought anything from Kay's Jewelers or voluntarily subscribed to any of their contact lists, so I'm guessing it's just someone with a really similar name who happened to have my phone number previously.

(Interlude: I dislike receiving pre-recorded phone calls, as a rule. I understand that it helps the business in question save money, but so does sending out dozens of pre-generated e-mail messages at once, and we have laws dealing with that. The worst kind of recorded message, though, is the kind that doesn't identify for whom it's calling. "This is not a sales call or an unsolicited commercial message. Please call us at..." If you're going to do me the utter discourtesy of using a machine to make phone calls, at least tell me who you are.)

So I got one of these last night - the second in the last three days, after I'd asked the guy who called the first time to take me off the calling list - and it was a recorded message, and didn't identify the company for which it was calling. So I duly jotted down the phone number and called back. It was, naturally, Kay's Jewelers, calling for Cassie Anthony. And I told them that no such person lives here, and in fact I'm the only person in the house, and this is a new phone number for me, and I would appreciate it if they didn't call me again.

But the best part of the call was this: the woman on the other end of the line asked me for my phone number, and without thinking, I reversed the last two digits (-85 instead of -58). And she paused for a moment. "Well," she said, "you're calling from xxx-xxx-xx58." And I said "oh, yes, sorry, new phone number and all that".

But it just occurred to me: if she already had my phone number, why did she ask?

(It has, while I was writing that, occurred to me that maybe someone would call from a different phone line than the one on which they received the recorded message, but still: the question ought to be "Did you receive the message at xxx-xxx-xx58?".)


Sep. 18th, 2005 08:43 am
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Just woke up from a restless sleep and dreams of, among other things, accidentally going to the wrong day's classes (i.e., trying to attend Tuesday's classes on Monday), being snubbed by my new friends, [livejournal.com profile] robin_d_laws stealing my stereo receiver while I was trying to cover a lawnmower with a tarp to protect it from rain, and still not having finished my History essay.

I hope today gets better from here.
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Sometimes having reflexes - unthinking responses - are a bad thing.

For example, when you are running a bath so that you can relax and get some reading done, and you have a drink on the side of the tub along with the book that you want to read, and you've pulled the shower curtain out of the way, and you turn the water on and then, without thinking, pull the "SHOWER" lever.
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+ I successfully argued myself into an 11/10 on the Poetry quiz from Tuesday. (I honestly didn't mean to. I just wanted to know why "the brown enormous odor he lived by" wasn't synechdoche.)
+ Actually, it's kind of funny: I am less happy that I got my grade bumped than that several other people did too, because they answered the same way!
+ I was told that I "totally rocked Poetry" today.
+ I made it through seven and a half hours of classes without keeling over, despite being more miserably sick than I've been in a long time, and despite having no medication whatsoever except a mug of tea first thing in the morning.
+ I got my paycheck cashed.
+ I got medication for my cold.
+ I got my watch battery replaced.
+ Dinner was pretty good.
+ I managed to run a two-hour game (sorry, guys) online. This was further enhanced by my composing all of the GM poses in iambic pentameter for the hell of it.
+ I reassured a friend that no, I'm not avoiding her, it's just that my timing sucks and I've been distracted.
+ I only have one class tomorrow, and I've already done most of the reading for it, and the reading is The Iliad so I don't think I'll have too much trouble doing the rest.

- Oh my God I'm miserable. (This is due entirely to the Head Cold of Doom.)
- I totally bombed the Latin quiz. (Seriously, if I get any points I'll be surprised.)
- I forgot that herbal tea, while great for colds, has interesting effects on my digestion. Thank God for stashes of Immodium.
- I actually have to do, like, work work this weekend.
- I've been having a lot of moments of crushing despair recently, although they might be side effects of the misery (see above). This afternoon the theme has been "this is all I get. Once I'm done with school, there isn't any more for me. I can't afford grad school. I'm barely managing to deal with school and work now. I'm going to be stuck doing things I don't want to do for the rest of my life."

But the positives outweigh the negatives, so I can go to bed with a happy heart.
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It probably does not bode well
that the predominant feeling
that I get from my classmates
is that they would prefer
that I not be

Power out

Aug. 31st, 2005 12:11 am
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The power is out along College Ave. and all through Brick City. It's strange not seeing the streetlights, or any house lights.

Special bonus feature: Richmond Power & Light have apparently decided to take the night off from answering their emergency contact number; nobody's picking up the phone. Earlham Security are starting to get a little pissed off, because when we can't contact RPL, we start calling them - and they have nothing else they can tell us, other than "we'll keep trying, hang tight".

EDIT: Power was restored at 3:40 AM, a little over four hours after it first went out.


Aug. 29th, 2005 04:39 pm
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Indiana's Bureau of Motor Vehicles branch in Richmond - I don't know about the others - is closed on Mondays.

Because nobody could ever want to get a driver's license on Monday.

At least they have longer hours tomorrow so I can go after class and not have to panic. (Not that I would anyway; my last class ends at 2:20. But it's the principle of the thing.) And at least now I know where the building is. (I was wondering why I could find parking nearby.)

There are things, apropos of nothing, that I want to say that I can't, or shouldn't, or the people whom I want to read them don't read this journal. So I'll leave it at that.
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I was going to whine here about how the dining hall just makes me lonely, because I see all this social activity and I'm not part of it. I had a great metaphor that involved lenses.

Then I remembered that I'm not supposed to be whiny.

So it's gone now.

(By the way, there is at least one person in the immediate area who reads this journal. Please don't take my complaints about being lonely as being passive-aggressive attempts to get you to hang out - I certainly don't mean them that way. I'm just bitching; I keep forgetting that there are people nearby these days who might not take these posts as just me kvetching about something I don't expect anybody to change.)
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...it's striking how many things I don't post here simply because I don't feel like getting grief for saying them.

("Post anyway, it's your journal" doesn't help. It's hard to feel entitled to post what you want when your readers feel entitled to lay into you for it.)


Aug. 20th, 2005 10:11 pm
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  1. I have Internet access. $13.95 a month, no contract, and I can cancel anytime in the first month and recoup the $13.95 (or just wait until September 20 and let the account lapse, since it won't re-bill me).

  2. I now have a bed that won't be just like sleeping on the bare floor. (Inflatable mattresses are great - for people who weigh about a hundred pounds less than I do.)

  3. My driver's license, which I forgot to renew in Maryland, expires in five days.

  4. 8:45 PM, after the sun has gone down, is probably not the best time to drive around figuring out the back routes I used to take.

  5. Who the hell uses AAA batteries anymore? (Answer: Philips, the manufacturers of the universal remote that I bought tonight and can't use until tomorrow because only one other thing that I own uses AAA batteries - and it's the remote that I forgot to bring with me, that the universal is replacing.)

  6. When I couldn't access the Internet this afternoon, I watched Danny Phantom (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] nvdaydreamer!) instead. I am now seized with the desire to write DP fanfic, although as usual I'll be damned if I know what about.
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I keep thinking let's go out and do something!

And then I remember, oh yeah, the exhaust pipes and muffler fell off my car yesterday.

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