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Amusing: you can tell the place from where I'm posting, lately, by the music I list. If it's video game music, I'm posting from home; if it's not, I'm posting from work.

Thoughtful: in your opinion, what constitutes love? Can it be quantified (two pints of like plus a tablespoon of unconditional), or does it exist only as a function of its qualities?


Jun. 19th, 2005 10:49 am
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Today marks the first day in a long time during which I realized (or at least had a suspicion) that someone was hitting on me.

In related news, today marks the first day ever during which I (had a suspicion that I) was hit on by a normally-animated character.

(We had a good time at the Father's Day buffet-breakfast, complete with Goofy, Minnie, and Pluto, this morning.)
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Why does it appear to be the case that if someone has a child, that's a turn-off for potential romantic (or "romantic") prospects?

I don't think I have any recent empirical evidence to support this - my romantic (or "romantic") life recently (the last few months, call it) has been abysmal at the very best*, so I don't really have an actual basis for my suspicion. But that's what I've noticed, in general.

* With responses ranging from "um. *conspicuously absent*" to "ha, no. Wait, you were serious?".

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