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Today, the Toronto Star's website (I don't get the Star, so I don't know if it's in the print edition) ran an article on flattery, toadies, and sycophants in the workplace. Now, naturally, you'd want a good pull-quote for an article like this, something that captures the essence of what you're writing about neatly and concisely.

So, of course, you go to fan-created material for a role-playing game with relatively little market presence:

"A Sycophant's resonance is for flattery. They have the ability to know what a given person wants to hear and what the person doesn't want to hear. Given enough time, the demon may stroke a human's ego, play to his fears and slowly but inexorably isolate him from anything that might possibly contradict his increasingly incorrect view of the universe. Once a Sycophant has his hooks in a mortal, it's only a matter of time before the victim is effectively useless."

— from the fantasy game
In Nomine

(Hat tip: [livejournal.com profile] cythraul.)
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From World of Warcraft:

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I get strange images in my head when I'm reading well-written fiction and waiting for laundry to dry.

I part my left hand's fingers and look through cautiously. Regan has transferred her murderous gaze to me, and Katherine has paused mid-stroke, the match and the box still clutched in her fingers. I can see the ropes around Regan's waist and the gag around her mouth -- and, barely, the paper stuck haphazardly into her socks, over her slacks.

My girlfriend's eyes narrow to slits, and I just shake my head, pick up the satchel that fell from my left hand, and take a drag off the cigarette in my right. "Well, at least she's got the theory down..."

I would really like to see this scene drawn, but I don't have the skill for it...
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All of you know that I am generally not one to appreciate the merits of my own work. I overcriticize myself, and am never satisfied with what I've produced.

This makes it somewhat startling, and yet inordinately pleasing, that even several months after its release, when several products that are (in my eyes) far more meritorious have been released, my book is still the single highest-rated item on e23.
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On November 4, the Superior writeup for Lilith will be released as a PDF on e23. Sometime in November (the post is not specific), the In Nomine Core Rules will be released as a PDF on e23.

The news post is here.
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Gaming geekery of a mild sort:

Within the space of a week, I've seen three different people use "gamist" to mean, respectively, "a synonym for 'narrativist'", "a happy medium between narrativist and simulationist", and "a synonym for 'simulationist'".

So, honestly, does the term "gamist" actually have a valid definition? Or does it really mean "following whichever style of play I favor most"? (That's not meant as a condemnation; there are plenty of terms, like "moral" and "up", that depend on the viewpoint of the speaker. I'm just wondering whether "gamist" has an absolute meaning.)
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(It's not a trick, anyway, as far as I know...)

Anyone who's interested in the new World of Darkness material, but who hasn't bought the core rules yet, should check out DriveThruRPG's Halloween special. (That offer seems to be valid through 11/14/2005, from what I can tell. It might be watermarked, but it's printable, has chapter bookmarks, can be searched, and seems to be completely transferable from one computer to another.)

Link courtesy JackShadow over on the SJGames Forums.
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"Hello, Mannie. Nice gun."

The Lilim glanced at the pistol. "I thought you might like it. You always did prefer the classics."

"I'm not sure I'd call that a classic." Hari sighed and set his pointer down on the easel. "Why are you here, Mannie?"

Mannie paused and looked over his shoulder at the captive angel.

"...he keeps bringing me sandwiches when I work too late."

"You could just go on a date with him when he gets out of Trauma. I understand that's what you do with all of the angels who take care of you."

Mannie took a deep breath. "Are you going to undo the padlock, Hari, or will I be forced to remove it by other means?"

Two of [livejournal.com profile] fadethecat's characters. A Steve Jackson Games setting.
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If anyone's curious, I've updated [livejournal.com profile] daran_rp with all of the session logs through last Thursday's game. (One of which, Ancient Secrets, was too long to fit into a single post!) This includes Morning In The Forest City, last week's session, during which I wrote most of the flavor text in iambic pentameter. Go, be amused.
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Some of you (especially readers of IGN or GU Comics) may have run across Microsoft's new marketing ploy. This is a large Flash page, so be cautious when clicking that link.

Once you've clicked the link, you'll see a tree and two rabbits. (This may have changed; the image has changed at least twice before.) On the tree, at the lower left, you'll see a root/branch jutting out. Zoom in all the way, and you'll find a sentence in Latin:

in hoc spatio arbor noster floruit, fecundus pomis Elysii ignoti, quo in loco ludent electi, ab Originis angelis circumdati.

IGN sez:

We consulted the IGN annals of ultimate intelligence and wisdom and came up with the following rough translation: "In this place may our fertile tree bloom with fruits in strange elysium, where in the place of the chosen, angels surround the origin".

This is also the translation that Woody uses on the GU Comics panel I linked to above. It's also wrong; apparently the IGN annals of ultimate intelligence and wisdom aren't real good with things like, I dunno, including all the words in the original sentence. (This is ironic, because in order for the sentence to make sense you actually have to infer a word that isn't there.)

A better translation, which I'm coming up with at midnight under the influence of NyQuil, is:

"In this space our tree hath bloomed, (made) fruitful by the fruit-trees of unknown Elysium, in which place the select play, having been from the beginning surrounded by angels."

(Latin geeking: you have to assume factus in the second clause; quo and loco are paired despite not being contiguous; and although Originis and angelis look like they should go together, they don't - they just happen to be the same case and number. Floruit is perfect active indicative 3rd singular - not a present subjunctive as IGN believes - ludent is present active indicative 3rd plural (IGN left this word out entirely!), and circumdati is a perfect passive participle in nominative plural. It agrees with electi.)

Just, y'know, FYI.
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Is it just me, or did LJ's syndicated feeds have a "check now" button a while back that was removed from the userinfo page?

In any event, since [livejournal.com profile] aleae_iaciens isn't updating (I think the last time it checked was 6-12 hours ago), I've made changes to the Federales write-up over at Aleae Iaciens. Let me know what you think!

(If you're new to Frontier, my home-grown science-fiction/old-west setting, you can start here for a basic intro, and follow the links at the top to cycle through. (The Frontier preliminary game system is in the post prior to the one I just linked.)
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I don't know how many people are aware of MEPACON, Mid-Eastern Pennsylvania's premier gaming convention.

I do, however, feel it germane to note that a gentleman named Michael Sarno is apparently directly involved with the operation of the convention, if his sending out mass e-mails trying to recruit GMs to run games at the convention is any indication.

Mr. Sarno, it should be noted, is also the man responsible for this thread on the In Nomine Mailing List (I can't get a listing of the whole thing at once, so you'll have to keep clicking through Next Message to read the whole thing).

Take that as you will.
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There are, like, three people who will get this, so I'm going to put it under a cut. Trust me when I say this: 142 of you will have no idea what the hell I'm talking about.

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As some of you know, I am an erstwhile player of the MMORPG World of Warcraft. WOW occasionally undergoes patches, where everybody spends Tuesday downloading modifications to the game and then bitching about them on the forums. These patches come with patch notes, which tell the careful reader what the modification has, well, modified.

In the latest patch notes, which I was reading last night, I ran across this line item:

  • The Barrens should now feel more alive.

(The Barrens is an area of the game that feels much like a slightly-drier Serengeti.)

And it occurred to me to wonder whether this was based on a player complaint, because it sounds to me like one of the "airplane engineering complaints" lists that goes around occasionally:

Complaint: #3 engine missing.
Resolution: #3 engine found on right wing after brief search.

I wonder if Blizzard really received complaints like "The Barrens does not feel alive enough."


Jul. 22nd, 2005 09:20 am
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Supposing one intended to run a journal game.

And supposing one was debating the merits of various journaling services.

What would one consider to be the advantages and disadvantages of various journaling services, from the perspective of a journal game?
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Go to bed, dammit.

I actually ended up going to bed around 11 PM last night; my nominal bedtime is 9. I read for half an hour; then I turned out the light and stared at the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling for the next hour and a half. So I'm running on four hours' sleep today. Hurrah.

Darán game tonight, at 7 PM Eastern. Just a reminder. [livejournal.com profile] nvdaydreamer, if you're finished by then, we'll integrate you right in. If not, no worries; feel free to swing by and just watch a session to see how we do things.

As a side note, I'm probably not going to be around much today for chatting; I don't have a lot of concentration at the moment and I'm going to need all of it for work.

EDIT: Okay, S2 Generator is really starting to bug me, with the little things that have changed from S1. (I screwed up my journal style yesterday, and took the opportunity to update to S2 while I was fixing it.)

I'm looking for two S2 variables - the title of the journal (I know you can get the name using $.journal.name, but I can't seem to get the title that way.) and the keyword associated with a usericon. Any thoughts?

EDIT 2: Apropos of nothing, I just renewed my Pyramid subscription for another year. Thanks to all who offered to help, but it sounded like it was going to be more trouble than it was worth, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cythraul I had an extra $20 sitting around in my Paypal account, so I just did the deed myself.


Jul. 20th, 2005 09:37 am
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I forgot about my encroaching Pyramid-subscription-running-out.

The funny thing is, Pyramid is worth more than 38 cents per week to me. I'm just having trouble figuring out if it's worth $20 right now...

(Maybe if I read it more often. Or read more of it. It's kind of sad; the only things I really read on Pyramid anymore are Random Thought Table and Campaign In A Box, largely because I just don't care as much anymore. I'm barely gaming at all, and reading the articles about games that I'll never play mostly just bores or depresses me.)
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that I am a total geek.

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This song's been on my mind a lot lately. Dunno why - I don't even have a good recording of it.

Townes van Zandt, 'Pancho and Lefty' )
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I have 1-2 slots available in my Thursday-night fantasy RPG. This is a GURPS 4th Edition game, set in an original world. Knowledge of GURPS is not required; willingness to play in a partially-finished world, and to join a group of characters who've gone through at least one adventure together, is required. Click on the link above if that sounds interesting (but please comment here if you're interested!).

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