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If anyone's curious, I've posted a colored and shaded version of my earlier Batgirl sketch here. I'm clearly not even as good at coloring or shading as I am at drawing. ;)


Jan. 13th, 2006 10:48 pm
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So there's a meme going around Livejournal today: draw Batgirl, post the drawing. (Thanks to several of you for pointing it out.)

I had no intention of participating.

But it did get me thinking that I should start drawing again, because by God I really would like to be a semi-functional artist someday. So this evening, while I was waiting for dinner to cool, I pulled out my sketchbook, a 2B pencil, and my trusty Mars plastic eraser, pulled up a stock photo, and started sketching.

And this came out. I have no idea where it came from. I swear to God I do not usually possess even this level of skill. When I complain about how bad an artist I am, this level of artistry is not what I'm complaining about! If I could figure out a way to channel this, I would be happy with my skill level. (Not satisfied - never satisfied - but at least not disgruntled!)

Okay, that disclaimer out of the way:

Batgirl. Well, partial Batgirl. )
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(Stolen in large part from the brilliant and talented [livejournal.com profile] followyourfish, who is eight months older and about a hojillion times cooler than I am. This is, in part, why his call for models was so much better than mine is.)

I am not much of either an artist or a photographer, although I do possess the rudiments of skill in both areas. I would like to get better at both; and what I am really interested in drawing and photographing, at the moment, is people. This is where you come in: I'm looking for people to sit down with me for whatever length of time - 15 minutes to however long it takes - and allow me to photograph them, and to use the photographs as a basis for drawings. I'm not going to ask anyone to sit still long enough for me to draw them; while drawing from a live model is a great exercise, it's not what I'm looking for here. I'm also not going to appeal to your pocketbooks; I don't intend to sell any of the photographs I take or any of the drawings that result from them, and I don't have that much spending money as it is.

One final caveat: I can't really travel to take these photographs, and I won't ask you to travel specifically for a shoot. If you happen to be in the area, though, either living here or visiting, then go ahead and drop a note.

What you get

  • Photos of yourself, post-processed as best I can - I'm not particularly knowledgeable about photographic processing - and burned onto CD.

  • Control over the photos. While, as I said above, I can't do glitzy post-processing, and I'm looking largely for photographs from which I can extract drawings of people, I'm pretty much up for anything. (This does include a limited interior setup; while I can't provide any costuming, I am willing (and cheerful) to work with a lack of costuming, so to speak. However, I expect the majority of these photographs to be taken outdoors.)

  • An appropriately-timed meal. I would offer drinks, but a lot of people reading this are underage and anyway Earlham is a dry campus.

What I get

  • A cooperative subject. (I will not use this clause to ask you to do things you are unwilling to do.)

  • As much of your time as is required by the nature of the shoot - I'll peg the average at about 30-45 minutes.

  • Copyright, more or less. If I post any of these photographs on the web, it will be with a non-commercial/non-derivative tag: you won't see yourself in ads, or Photoshopped into anything. Moreover, I will not use them for any commercial purpose without your written permission.

  • Permission to derive non-photographic visual art from the photographs. I expect this to mostly be drawing.

This is an open invitation, but - as Ryan says - the sooner the better.

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